Kat adores you

Saturday Morning Thoughts:
Comparison is killing your vibe

We are born and bred to compare ourselves to each other. How many times have you looked at other women and thought you didn't measure up?  You are holding yourself back from truly loving yourself and standing in your own power.

I challenge you this week to stop when you catch yourself comparing. Stop, take a beat and take your power back. Remember that other women do not dull your own shine.


Living a Fearless Life

We have chosen the word Fearless for 2018. We want you making choices and moves, grabbing hold of your most fearless life. So how are you going to live your most fearless life each and every day this year?


Who is kat? 

Hi, everyone! My name is Kat and I have been a Rep for Agnes and Dora for almost two years. I have been on two leadership teams within the brand, RAD and GEM. I absolutely love everything about this company, from the clothes to the clients. Training and coaching my team is my passion.

I have decided to start blogging my adventures here as a Team leader and coach, sharing my life with all of you as I navigate my way through Direct Sales. It can be crazy some days, homeschooling my four kids and trying to live an amazing life, but its a beautiful chaos. I think most of you will relate for sure.

You can follow my social media accounts below including my brand new vlog channel on YouTube!